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gotta start this community out right


❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have.
❧ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 14. The number corresponds to the scenario that you will play out in whatever way you want to.
❧ Go from there! 

01] snow day
It's snowing! Be sure to bundle up nicely so you stay warm in case the conditions get worse...

02] present shopping
'Tis the season, after all! Don't wait for too long, lest you're stuck with whatever is left on the shelves the night before.

03] treat baking
Cookies and pies and cakes, oh my! Don't eat all of the dough before it gets into the oven! 

04] underneath the mistletoe
Look up and pucker up! Tradition dictates that you cannot run away.

05] gift exchange
Time to open up the lovely gifts you have given each other! Hopefully, the results will be good.

06] holiday party
Whether it is something small with only close friends or a huge celebration downtown, get ready to dress up! The night has only just begun.

07] New Year's countdown
Ten... nine... eight... the new year is rapidly approaching. Have any resolutions for the upcoming months? Or perhaps just a kiss to share.

08] winter vacation
Forget home, we're traveling! Many adventures await you in the colder (or warmer) place.

09] visiting family
Relatives. Doesn't matter if you're going to them or they're coming to you, the extended family coming over will surely add an interesting twist to your otherwise normal holidays.

10] holiday stress
This time of year is a time of panic as this needs to be done and that needs to be finished and those need to be put in the oven. Keep calm, and make sure not to argue too much with others...

11] making up
Oh no. You said some words that you regret, or did something wrong... or maybe they did. Either way, it's time for a confrontation.

12] cold season
With the weather getting colder, the chances of getting sick shoot up. Be sure to take care of yourself and your loved one!

13] lovely atmosphere
Positivity is abundant! You want to make sure that the ones that you care for that you cherish them... but how? 

14] grab bag
The "other" option. Go with whatever you want to do here!

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Cloud Strife|| Final Fantasy VII

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[ Somehow this winter seems colder than the last. Maybe it's because the bar's not as busy these days, most of the patrons leaving earlier and earlier to avoid the cold. Maybe it's because Barret and Cid and the rest are away for longer than usual, leaving the place feeling emptier with just the four of them there. Or maybe it really is just colder.

Whatever the reason, Tifa's going to make sure the cold stays right where it belongs -- outside, where it can't make Cloud or the kids sick. She's already seen to Marlene and Denzel, leaving the two snug and warm upstairs with two mugs of hot cocoa and enough blankets to make a fort (which she suspects she'll find when she comes back up), but as for a certain somebody ... ]


[ Two more mugs in hand and a sweater slung over one shoulder, Tifa reaches the landing and looks around for him. ]
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[he hears her call because he always seems to hear her when she calls him and even though he's only got a few last twists to do to finish he still stops what he's doing and moves over to the open door of the bathroom to peer out, blue eyes vaguely worried. Another few steps and he's through the bedroom and stopping in the doorway, pale brows starting to come down over his eyes, wrench forgotten in one hand and his other arm and that side of his vest soaked with water. Blue eyes focus almost immediately on the young woman on the landing and her name is a puzzled question.]

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[ Tifa leans back and looks over to her right, blinking at Cloud as he appears in the threshold. A small, confused noise in the back of her throat when she notices the water drenching one side of his vest, sliding down his arm -- and then she smiles. ]

There you are. All wet, and in this weather to boot. Hold on a moment, I'll get you a towel. [ He's certainly not all wet, but ... Tifa doesn't like the idea of letting Cloud mosey around with his clothing cold and wet when it's this chilly out. Setting the mugs down on a nearby table, she ducks back upstairs to the linen closet and returns quickly with a not-as-fluffy-as-she'd-like-but-it'll-do towel, handing it his way with an affectionate look. ]

It's getting colder, so I thought I'd get you something. [ A gesture to the steaming mugs over to their side, sweater still slung over a shoulder. ]
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[he blinks at her summary of him, glancing down as if he'd somehow not noticed he was wet. Which of course he had because he had noticed when the pipe had dripped all over him but it didn't make any sense to dry off if he was still working on things that were likely to drip on him again. By the time his head came back up though, she was already gone on those quiet sneakers of hers and he was torn between calling after her not to bother, there were towels in the bathroom and he was just going to get wet again - and the fact that it never seemed right to raise his voice to Tifa even if it was just to yell across the room - or stairwell in this case. So he was still standing where she'd left him when she came trotting back - and shouldn't she be wearing that sweater instead of just having it across her shoulder? It was cold even inside the house thanks to a boiler he was still trying to upgrade. It had his brows coming down and his lips edges downward at their corners too. He took the towel when she offered it but the way he rubbed at his arm with it was absent minded at best and downright distracted at worse. With a grunt to show he was paying attention (cold. drinks. two. check.) he set the wrench down on the same table and reached out to take the sweater from her, opening it up and then moving in to pull it over her head, trying to be careful not to catch her ears or earrings on the high collar. Belatedly it struck him that it was one of his fleece sweaters, the big pullover kind with the zipper at the throat and for some reason it just seemed even more right for her to be in it. He didn't even dare attempt anything involving sleeves and her arms though and let his hands drop once her face was in view again. Brows down in an almost vague sternness, he stated a quiet:]

It's cold. [as if that was explanation enough for his abrupt actions.]
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[ The grunt is noncommittal, stoic, and so very much Cloud that it makes Tifa's lips twitch with amusement, tempting her to chuckle. But she bites down on their corner instead, crossing her arms as he puts the wrench aside. His arm is still damp and the vest probably more so although she can't tell without touching it, and she has a mind to dry him off further, but then Cloud's moving in closer, opening up the sweater and -- ]

Huh? [ She looks down at the soft fabric draped about her shoulders, and then back at Cloud as he speaks, and this time she can't help a quiet little laugh. ]

That's why I brought this for you to wear, silly.

[ But Tifa pulls her hands through the sleeves anyway, feeling instantly warmer as her bare arms are covered from the cold air of the house, although the fleece isn't the only thing responsible for that. The fact that it's one of Cloud's sweaters she's wearing gives her an absurd, giddy little sensation of warmth somewhere between her heart and throat. She tries to push it to the back of her mind, chastising herself for feeling like a little girl, but can't quite keep it out of her eyes when she looks back up at him, can't help but feel touched at the care with which he'd pulled the sweater over her head. Her hair wasn't even ruffled. ]

Here. [ Tifa picks the mugs back up again and passes Cloud's over to him handle-forward, careful not to press the hot side of the ceramic to his hand. ]

Where do you want to sit? We could go upstairs to where the kids are, get you another sweater while we're at it. Or a blanket.
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[it shouldn't surprise him that the sweater was for him but it still does. Not because it's not exactly like Tifa to run around making sure everyone else is warm and not thinking about herself in the same sense but because it just didn't occur to him that it was cold. Or - it did, but not in regards to him. The mako keeps his blood warmer than is normal - he's been compared to a space heater before - and so even when he actually feels the cold, his mind just doesn't often register it, so used to not feeling cold. He's glad when he doesn't fight wearing his sweater though. He can always get another if it really bothers her for himself but - he wants Tifa in his sweater. It lets him take care of her even if he's not really taking care of her and it lets everyone else that sees here knows she's his. To take care of that is. She's his to take care of.

He also thinks she looks even prettier than normal when she finishes pulling it on and looks at him with those happy eyes of hers.]

Hm? [his eyebrows come down for a minute, so busy watching her and his sweater that he'd forgotten about the drinks - or much else really. But he takes the mug from her, careful not to spill any of the hot liquid inside and even from here, he can smell it and his tongue suddenly gets a rush of interest in what's going on outside his mouth. His lips curl a little at the mug she's chosen too. It's his mug, at least as far as the kids and her are concerned and he stoically ignored Barret's teasing and used it exclusively anyway the last time the man was visiting. Cid had learned to make his diesel fuel level tea in other mugs too after Cloud had rescued this one from him the single time he'd absently tried to use it. The mug was the family's way of proving to Cloud that he belonged there and he was quietly protective of it. That didn't mean he liked Tifa handling the hot ceramic of it with her bare fingers though.]

I'm almost done - in the bathroom.

[it didn't make sense to change into a different sweater if he was just going to get it wet too and he was almost done with the pipe in the bathroom. The second he said it though he regretted it. He's meant to surprise her with that but not he'd almost given it away. Not that it was a huge surprise or that she shouldn't know about it but - he took a sip of the drink to cover it and almost burned his tongue.]
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[ She doesn't know where the image in her head comes from but it does: the two of them curled up under a blanket, huddled together close and warm. And alone, with the snow swirling outside the window. Turning to face each other in front of a lovely, flickering fireplace --

-- that, to the best of her knowledge, doesn't currently exist in the house, and apparently the Denzel and Marlene in her subconscious are (remarkably) asleep way before their bedtime as well. Hm. Tifa shakes her head, dismisses the fantasy almost as soon as it enters her head, and focuses on reality again ... only to find Cloud's eyes still on her. The emotion in his gaze is gentle and fond and hard to describe, and she can't gaze at it for long without getting flustered. The fantasy peeks round the corner of her mind, waving, as her face warms up and the moogle on Cloud's mug suddenly becomes very interesting.

She remembers fleetingly when she'd first given it to him, remembers Marlene cooing over it and Denzel defending it to Barret, because if Cloud had a moogle mug, then it stood to reason that moogles couldn't be for pansies, because Cloud was a hero and the bravest person Denzel knew and definitely not a pansy. She remembers and she smiles, embarrassed and happy and uncertain all at once, all in the few seconds it takes to pass the mug from her hands to his. It's confusing, the things he makes her feel with just a look, but there it is: Cloud Strife, confusing her world since forever ago. And making her like it, too. ]

The bathroom. Right.

[ Voice somewhat distracted, she tries to piece together what he means by it, gaze drifting over his shoulder and around them. Things shuffle and then click into place when she sees the wrench, and Tifa's about to follow up with a question about what he's fixing in there, when she notices him sipping at the cocoa. His cocoa, rather, since it's as much his cocoa as it is his mug -- she had him in mind when she made it, just the way Cloud liked it. ]

Hey, careful. It's hot! [ Which she's sure he knows, but Tifa blows gently and quickly across his mug anyway, to cool it down a little should he decide to take another sip and burn his tongue with it. Feeling a bit foolish, she glances at him again. ]

You won't take long? Only I thought we could, you know. Drink together.
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[even too hot, Tifa still makes the best cocoa. He's not sure how she does it but whenever he stops somewhere on his trips to try to warm up, what they sell never tastes half as good as what he gets when he comes home. His blue eyes go just a little larger at her sudden warning though and he watches first in confusion and then in growing interest as she blows across the top of the dark liquid. It's a silly move, he knows that. He's not five and he can handle a hot liquid. But she does it anyway without realizing what she's doing and instead of feeling belittled, he feels... spoiled. And his head ducks a little to watch her too because the sight of her pursed lips as she blows and the way her eyelids dip when she does is suddenly much more important than the wrench or his wet sweater or even the hot liquid in the mug. Tifa doesn't have exceptionally long lashes but they're dark and thick and when they lay against her cheeks they look so impossibly delicate and ethereal. It's... butterfly kisses. Right? When you lean close to someone's bare skin and flutter your eyelashes against it. That's what he thinks he remembers his mom calling it in the hazy memories of his childhood...]

Hm? [his eyes focus again and she's looking at him and he knows he's missed something important. Except he's tired of missing important things when it comes to her and the kids and she's got that look on her face, the one she gets when she's hopeful about something and trying to hide it. His brows dip just a little, worried that he's going to mess this up too, and then he nods, just a single dip of his chin. Reaching down, he picks up her mug by the handle with the same hand that's holding his own, trying not to spill a single drop of the liquid. The wrench gets handed to her with his other hand and he's already prepared to reach for her free hand with his once she takes it.]

Come on. [He's headed back to the bathroom.]
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[ Uh oh, he's doing that thing again. The thing where his eyes are the bluest, brightest things Tifa's ever seen and they're looking straight at her and she feels like she's falling up into the sky. The thing he does most of the time, really, whenever their gazes meet, and she has got to find a suitable defense for it or at least some sort of buffer beforehand, but it's most likely never going to happen. And Tifa's just fine with that, honestly, except if her heart keeps skipping beats that often she might have to have a little talk with it to tone it down.

She almost misses grabbing on to the wrench in her absentmindedness, wondering where he's going, what with picking up her mug too (are they going upstairs?), and then tightens her fingers involuntarily around the metal when her other hand is suddenly in Cloud's own. ]

Cloud ... [ Oh, they're going to the bathroom. Right. She follows after him, still holding onto his hand, her sneakers thudding softly against the floor. It's a good thing his back is turned because Tifa's sure that the smile on her face at the moment is probably one of her silliest. She can't help it, though, and just twines her fingers through his. ]

What are you up to in there, anyway? [ It's part-playful, part curious, and Tifa peeks over his shoulder as they reach the bathroom door, standing on her toes. ]

Do you need me to help with anything?
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[his head jerks, almost as if it were an aborted glance backward toward her, when her fingers wind through his. She doesn't have to make that extra link between the two of them. She could have just left her hand in his and let him drag her around by it. But she doesn't. Instead she slips her fingers between his and binds them together as if it's the most natural thing in the world for her to want to be a part of what he's doing. As if she doesn't have every right to distance herself from him instead. She's always stood by him, always wound her life around his and he wants to not take it for granted. Wants to make sure it's worth it for her in the end. He wants to prove he's worth it. So his fingers, bare of their usual leather for once, respond, winding almost shyly with hers as well, curling to keep her hand close in his and those last few steps to the bathroom lose their determined single-mindedness on what's ahead of him. He steps into the bathroom and realizes he's hit a quandary.

Because now he doesn't want to let go of her hand.

Except it would be hard to finish what he'd started with just one hand and Tifa might get wet in the process. Not to mention she'd wonder why he had to hold her hand the whole time too.

The shower curtain's been pushed to the side and the evidence of Cloud's tampering is obvious. There's a small bucket with discolored chips and sludge spattered across the very bottom of it along with the old shower head. The hard water in Edge tends to eventually block up things with mineral residue and the shower's been running weak for a long time. Lying on the edge of the tub, obvious in its shiny newness, is Cloud's solution. His surprise for Tifa that he was just going to let her discover on his own after he'd already finished. And like most of Cloud's solutions the new shower head's larger with a wider range of spray and has several setting so that it can rain soft or pounding. It also has a built in charcoal filter because Cloud's obsessive about protecting his family from any mako residue that might be left over in the water in Edge. A paranoia that he manages to at least pretend isn't as consuming as it really is.

Holding Tifa's hand temporarily shorts out his decision making though and he has to stand there blankly for a good minute before realizing that how stupid it must seem to her to stand there in the bathroom with him holding hands with a broken shower in front of her. Brows down, he sets the mugs on the counter and lets go of her hand. She wants his company. She said so when she offered the drink. And - he wants her company too. But he wants to finish the shower before it's time for her to use it. Her offer of help gets a throaty, low sound to the negative.

Turning to her, his hands find her hips so that he can hoist her up onto the sink counter. That way she can sit and keep him company while he finishes the shower. It works out for everyone. Right?]
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[ She does want to help, because if there's something that's keeping Cloud from finishing up quickly (and more importantly, keeping Cloud from hot cocao and being warm and dry and cozy), then she'll get it out of the way herself. Except that helping with anything right now would be pretty difficult to do, what with the fingers of one of her hands linked so comfortably with his. And not just her fingers. Feeling Cloud's gently respond, Tifa realizes that she really doesn't want to let go of his hand, her offer of help notwithstanding. And how ridiculous would Cloud think her if she voiced that?

So she just presses his hand softly instead, waiting for the inevitable moment when they'd have to disentangle their fingers and he could finish up what he was doing.

... speaking of which. ]

A new showerhead? It looks wonderful!

[ There's delight in her voice as she states the obvious, and admiration, so caught up with the discovery that she feels just a brief reluctance when he lets go of her hand. The former because she'd been getting increasingly tired of having to deal with all the problems caused by the old one, the latter because she had a gut feeling that most, if not all of this, was one of Cloud's custom jobs and not just some piece he'd picked up at a store without giving it thought.

And there's gratitude, too, a quiet appreciation in her eyes as she appraises the job well done in front of her, for how much he looks after her and the kids. Because he does give it thought, when it comes to them. He puts himself into everything he does. And Tifa knows he doesn't have to, and is about to say as much when he lifts her onto the counter, prompting a small noise of surprise from her, midway between a gasp and an exclamation of his name.

Her hands find his shoulders instinctively to steady herself, not so much because she fears he'll let her fall or slip (she knows he never will) but because her balance is thrown off in their sudden close proximity. She swallows, her breath catches --

-- and then she nudges Cloud's shoulders with a grin. ]

Go on, then, mister handyman. Your cocao awaits. And me. [ Said almost as an afterthought. ]

I'll keep watch over here.
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[the anticipation and the delight in her voice has the shy almost smile tugging at the edges of his lips and the quiet, little boy pride moving into his eyes as he ducks his head. She's happy. He's done something that makes her happy. And getting to know that, getting to hear it - it balms over a weak place in his heart.

He likes being able to surprise her in good ways. He likes being able to take care of her and the kids. Seeing their faces or hearing it in their voices makes him feel like a success. So much more of a success than saving the world ever made him feel.

It's the little startled sound she makes after it though, that exclamation when he lifts her, that triggers something different inside him and for just a second, his eyes darken. That little sound's encouraging in all the wrong ways and for a second, he almost gives in to the temptation to plant his hands on either side of her on the counter top and nudge his way forward in between her knees. To be closer. To have her closer. For that second, his fingers tighten on her hips. Because she makes the most amazing noises and he's tired of only hearing them in his own imagination.

Except he hasn't earned that. Not even close. She deserves a lot more from him than a fixed shower head or stolen math lessons with the kids. He'll make it up to her though. This time - it's always this time - but this time he'll do things right and give her what she deserves and he'll earn his place with her and in their family. This time - he'll do it right.

So his blue eyes met hers at her 'and me' but he tells himself that's not an offer, that's Tifa being warm and open because she can't be anything but that to people she's chosen to adopt and his eyebrows come down in what's probably too serious a nod. And maybe she won't notice the way his fingertips drag a little rough over the leather of her hips when he lets go and steps back out of her almost arms.]

It'll only take a minute. [she can keep watch. He'll finish the job so that tonight she can take a hot shower and really relax instead of fighting with it. It makes him feel good, to know that he can do something for her to help, that he can take care of her too, just a little bit of the way she takes care of everyone else. Exchanging the wrench in her hand for her mug of cocoa - because she needs to drink it before it gets cool - he moves back over to finish up what he'd started. It feels good to have her there and he relaxes as he sets to work tightening down the head.]

What are the kids up to?
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[ Tifa isn't quite sure of herself when she sees his bright blues go a shade darker for a moment there, and When she feels his grip tighten on her just so, it's all she can do not to tug him towards her rather than away. To pull him into her arms, make him smile that shy smile of his that makes the sun come out for her on all her rainy days, warm him far better than any sweater or blanket could.

But. That would be just her misinterpreting him again, wouldn't it? Mixed signals both sent and received, and she herself has been rather good at that the last few years, Tifa remembers with a brief pang of uncertain guilt.

Then the tips of Cloud's fingers are sliding against her hip, sending a hot shiver through her, one that she only just manages to mask by shifting on the counter. Tifa resists the urge to swallow again at the ideas the faint sensation is putting into her head, although it's hard not to with her mouth going dry. The mug he hands her helps with that, and she takes a deep sip to hide her reaction behind the steam, dropping her gaze from his to the rich brown. The grin doesn't leave her face, though, and there's a part of her, hidden behind the awkward doors and flustered hallways of her mind, that's silently and fervently hoping for Cloud to take what she's just said as an invitation.

... Ahem. A minute. Tifa can deal with that, mmhm, and so she cocks her head to the side as he moves back to the shower to finish working on it, watching the way the muscles in his arms work, the way his fingers curl around the gleaming metal of the wrench. He doesn't have to take care of them (of her) like this, she knows, has thought to herself so many times over. He's never had to -- but she loves him all the more for it every time he does, and he always does it just right. ]

A blanket fort, I think. Or maybe a pillow one, I'm not sure. One of the two, anyway. [ Tifa traces the lip of the mug with a thoughtful finger, her eyes still on Cloud, swinging her legs idly before taking another gulp. ] Hmm. What's betting we find we find them asleep in a pile of both?

[ A little laugh that's quickly cut off, and she almost gets from her seat on the counter before settling back down, the palm of one hand braced against it. They could go check in on the kids together, right? It would only be a minute, after all. ]

... If the sugar rush from the cocoa doesn't keep them up, that is. Uh oh.
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[he doesn't have to concentrate to tighten the shower head down on the pipe. It's easy work but it makes him feel good to do it. He likes puttering around the house, being able to take care of small, easy things. It's something new to him. Before he relegated himself to the small garage on the side of the bar, sequestrating himself away with Fenrir and keeping his fiddling with things confined to just that area. Coming back though, he'd started to notice little things that needed a quick touch inside the bar and their home space too. The first time he'd fixed the toilet so that it wasn't constantly running, he'd felt like an interloper, sneaking around doing things he shouldn't. But it had been running and annoying and there was no sense calling someone else for something he could easily do - He hadn't expected anyone to notice. Tifa had though and she'd been so quietly pleased he'd felt as if he'd just magically created diamonds or something. After that, he'd cautiously eased into more small projects around the house. First with things that needed to be fixed and recently with things that could simply be improved. He wasn't a professional - but he was good at tinkering with things until they worked. Now when he did things on the sly it wasn't because he was afraid he'd get caught. It was because he liked seeing their faces when he'd surprised them with something.

Having Tifa perched on the counter, nearby and happy though... maybe he could get used to having company too...]


[half hum, half grunt it's his response, tinged with amusement in response to her summary of the children, but when the laugh cuts off, his head turns sharply to see why.

don't go

Except it is the kids and what kind of selfish bastard would he be to want her to spend time with him over the kids? Kids he loves too, even if he isn't as good as showing it as she is. It's just cocoa and pillow forts but if she has to go check on the kids, than he can finish up here alone easily enough. And then maybe go check on them too. Or at least lurk in the doorway and watch. So he stays quiet, still, watching her stop herself and resettle.

Staying with him.]

They'll be fine. [he watches her for a minute more before turning back to put the last few twists to the bolt, careful not to overdo it and bend the pipe itself. Finished, he sets the wrench in the bucket - getting better at picking up after himself in this one area at least - and picks the pail up, stepping back out of the shower. Now that the job's done, he's aware of the damp discomfort of his shirt against his skin and the slight thread of cold over everything.]

Dinner tomorrow, I bet the cocoa puts them to sleep.

[if he wins he gets to pick what they get for dinner tomorrow. If he loses, he's okay with that too though. It just means he'll have to go out and pick up whatever the family wants. No one trusts him in the kitchen and the dark spot on the ceiling above the stove says it's for good reason. He wanders back over to her automatically because he can't seem to not haphazardly orbit around her whenever she's in the same room. The towel she gave him to dry off with is still over his shoulder, forgotten as he nudges against her knee with his leg, a soft bump like a boat finding harbor.]

If we leave them alone for just a little bit longer, I bet all we'll have to do is move them into their beds.
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[ Cloud's right, they would be fine; she's just over-thinking matters. It isn't as though this is the first time she's accidentally given them something with sugar close to bedtime, and hey, at least it isn't cookies. The chances of going upstairs to find the place a feathery, blanket-y mess are low, even lower than finding spilled cocoa on the bedsheets.

So Tifa stops worrying at her lip and nods back at him with a noise of acquiescence in the back of her throat, relaxing further as he gets back to work. Watching Cloud work is a relaxing thing on it's own, the methodical way he takes care of whatever's at hand. She likes it, likes seeing this side of Cloud that he normally kept cloistered to the garage for a long time. She used to watch him sometimes, silent and unobtrusive and mostly unnoticeable (though she never could quite tell whether he'd been aware of her presence or not).

Then he'd started fixing things around the house, little things, big things, tinkering away secretively whenever no one's around. He's good at keeping it hidden, and she still isn't sure what started that, but she's more than happy that it did. There's just something about seeing the quietly satisfied and pleased look on his face after he's finished fixing something or enhancing it that makes Tifa extremely pleased in return. Even more than finding the fixes and enhancements themselves, although those are always the most pleasant surprises whenever she does.

The shot of liqueur in the cocoa is probably helping her relaxation along too, though. She'd kept it out of the kids' mugs, of course, but had thought a little something in hers and Cloud's would do more good than harm. A nice buzz is settling down over her and when Cloud speaks next -- dinner tomorrow, huh? -- she can't help but smother a giggle, the scorch mark on the kitchen ceiling coming to mind. ]

You're on.

[ There's a higher probability that he'll win, but Tifa's fine with that. She likes cooking things he likes, making dinner special. It's so rare that she gets to do it, after all. The amusement is still there in both her voice and her gaze when he walks over, and she taps her sneakered toes lightly against his leg in response, momentarily trapping it between her feet. ]

But you do have a point. [ A pensive tilt of the head as she sets her cocoa aside and reaches for towel from his shoulder, beginning to towel the damp from his arm and shirt with firm squeezes. ]

Think we ought to wait a bit before going upstairs, then? Somewhere warmer, though. Maybe the bar. [ Arm properly dried, she swats him gently with the towel before arranging it around his shoulders, almost like a scarf. ]

Or we could just sit at the top of the stairs. I could get to the linen closet quicker from there, too.
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[they're not entirely back to their silly little conversations. He's not ready to try that yet, more than aware he's hurt her and doesn't deserve that place of comfort with her. Yet. He doesn't deserve it yet. He's determined to find his way back to that place though and, slowly, carefully, he's working his way there with his little attempts at teasing and with the silly little games like now. He doesn't really care who wins the bet, it's that they're starting to be comfortable enough together to do pointless little things like that in the first place. In and through and around everything else between them... Tifa's his best friend. And he's felt lost these past few years drifting away from her and that friendship without knowing how to stop it or find his way back to the safety and comfort of it. They always seemed to do everything backward between the two of them and he'd certainly managed it pretty terribly until now. Things are different now. He's not living someone else's life and he's done trying to be what he thinks he should be.

He's not running anymore.

In response to the light tap of her sneakers against his leg, he nudges his knee forward just a little. Letting himself be trapped because it feels good when it's her and it's almost playful in response. He likes the touch, soaks it quietly in, whenever she or the children give it to him. He craves physical attention. Which is why, when she starts on him with the towel, he doesn't even try to hide the way his eyelids droop over his eyes or the way he leans into her touch, quiet, insistent, needy. He'd never admit it but he soaks up touch the way a lizard soaks up sunshine, needing it to feel truly right and alive inside. Without being aware of it, there's a quiet, low sound in his throat of approval as her hands work over his side and shoulder.

It's over too soon, of course and it takes him a long moment after she's already swatted him with the towel to open his eyes, the blue almost sky colored with only the smallest hint of green. A deep inhale and several blinks has them back to tropic colors again and one of his shoulders shrugs, a small, unconscious move.]

I'm done spilling things on myself. [his eyes search her face. He doesn't want her to sit on the stairs. And he doesn't think he's anywhere near the right to suggest they sit in her room. The bar's downstairs but it can be colder than the rest of the house.

and she's right. He should probably change his shirt...]

Come on. [it's an easy thing to scoop her down off of the counter, one arm around her waist and he pretends it's not intentional the way it pulls her in against him and slides her downward to her feet. It never occurs to him that he shouldn't be moving her around or that he could just wait for her to get down on her own. He put her up there, it's his job to get her down. For a second, his fingers move over that tease of bare skin at the small of her back (and he still regrets her change in clothing even if it is more sensible that takes so much of her bare skin out of his reach).

He has a fixation with the skin at the small of her back.

Letting go before he can get himself in trouble, he picks up both their mugs again with the hand that's not still holding the bucket. Boots clomping, he heads for the door.]

We can sit in the office.

[it's 'the office'. Not 'his room'. It's never been his room even if it's where he sleeps. But it's empty and it will be warmer than the bar and his clean shirts are in there. He even remembered to make the bed this morning so at least Tifa will have somewhere comfortable to sit.

It's not as comfortable as her bed - but his is the only one he's earned at the moment. And more, he doesn't want to do anything to lose the growing comfort between them. He doesn't intend to sleep in the office forever though. This time he's going to do it right though. He's secretly plotted and he's determined.

He's going to woo her into falling for him.]
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[Sephiroth watches the snow falling through the window, thoughtfully. He's supposed to stay inside, and he isn't permitted to go outside by himself without permission in any case, but there isn't anyone else around at the moment. The snow is blanketing the city in white, the flakes growing larger and falling faster by the moment, it seems.

It looks like fun. It wouldn't hurt to go out for a little while, would it?

He glances cautiously over his shoulder, then moves quickly toward the door. He's not wearing a coat or scarf or any cold weather wear except his usual clothes, but he's resilient, so he's certain he doesn't need to worry like other children do. He opens the door quietly and slips through it, making his way out into the bright, white cold.]
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[Something alerts Cloud and he glances up absently from the papers he's going over at his desk, not even sure why he's suddenly distracted from his work. With a shake of his head, he goes back to them but after a moment, he realizes he's looking around his room instead. With a inward sigh at himself, he pushes up out of his chair. Is it Tifa? The kids? No, Tifa took Denzel food shopping since his birthday's coming up and Marlene's with Barret.


Cloud wouldn't say that he's any kind of dad and if asked he'd say the niggling in the back of his mind that hits from time to time and usually ends up involving the kids or Tifa is just a freak coincidence - but he still finds himself moving to the window to look outside. Just in case.

Sure enough there's a head of silver hair down there in the snow. What's the kid going to do? Somehow the idea of miniroth making snow angels doesn't seem likely. Cloud watches for a long moment more and then with a huff to himself he's not even aware of, he leaves his office, heading for downstairs.

kids these days...]
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[Sephiroth is already moving very quickly through the snow. He doesn't have any particular goal in mind, but it's all so novel to him. His eyes are wide and bright. This is the first significant snowfall of the year, and though he has a dim memory of other snowstorms, other years, they're so faint that it feels like that happened a very long time ago.

He wants to play in the snow, but he hasn't yet developed a very refined sense of play. At first, he hops from place to place in his quick, inhuman way, making isolated sets of footprints in the snow wherever he lands. He enjoys the sharp sensations of ice crystals against his skin and wind in his hair, and now and then he pauses to look up and watch the falling flakes from below, nearly invisible against the gray sky. He opens his mouth to taste them.

His course is more or less leading him out toward the edge of Edge, but he's not interested in traveling all that way. Soon enough, he stops and crouches in one of the growing white drifts. He reaches down into the snow and starts packing the fine white flakes together into a more solid shape. His hands are starting to feel cold, but that doesn't deter him, and he focuses on his new, self-appointed task with an intense concentration.]
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[Cloud had a bit of cold resistance himself and he wasn't always the most observant when it came to his own needs. So it was the thought of the little body ahead of him that had had him easily snatching cloth off the coat hangers on the way out the door. The air outside was crisp, which was a nice change from Edge's gloom and even if the sky wasn't clear there was still a cleanness in the snow that fell. Maybe the Planet really was starting to recover. Maybe it was starting to get rid of the pollution around Edge and find life here again instead. Shrugging into his own jacket out of habit more than thought, Cloud shouldered the other things he'd grabbed as he pulled on gloves, strolling along at a long distance from the bouncing Sephiroth.

He didn't supposed the kid had ever had a chance to play in the snow before. It was nice to see he took to it the way most kids did. Puddles or snow, there seemed to be an innate need to jump in things when you were small. With a soft huff that cast a small cloud in the air in front of him, Cloud let Sephiroth have the privacy to explore the new situation on his own, trailing along far behind to keep the kid in sight, just in case. Sephiroth thought he could take on the world but at the end of the day, he was still just a kid. He'd learn over time that he wasn't invincible but Cloud didn't intend to let it happen in harmful ways. Not on his watch at least. So he stopped to lean against the corner of a building, hands loose in his pockets, as a tiny Sephiroth stooped down. Whatever the kid was up to, he sure looked intent about it.]
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[It's an experiment. He likes doing experiments.

He is testing the density of the snow when packed tightly together, as well as how he can alter it and what he can make with it. He begins to shape it into what is recognizably a wall, working busily in spite of the cold affecting his hands. It's better to keep working, no matter what. Whatever he starts, he should finish. It's good to push yourself. How else can you get stronger? He doesn't think that there is any limit to how strong he can become, as mistaken as that idea may or may not be.

He's decided to make a fort. He can use the building behind him as a supporting wall, and if he melts the exterior of the walls a little, they'll freeze and harden into ice, so they'll be stronger. Or maybe he can get some water and pour it over them. As he thinks about it, snow continues to fall and gathers in his hair, dusting his shoulders with white. It doesn't occur to him that this might be more fun with other children. He labors in silence, by himself.]
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[it doesn't take Cloud all that long to recognize what the kid's doing. He spent a lot of winters alone himself when he was growing up and somehow building a fort against that had always been his first solution of the winter too. Forts were a place of safety, a place to hide, and Cloud had spent many winters working on his various ones as a kid. Besides, what was the point of snowballs if you had no one to throw them at? So he watched in silence from his position at a distance as the little silver haired boy went to work.

His fort certainly looked more structured than any of Cloud's ever had. Less fanciful though...

After a long moment though, he felt the bite of the cold at the tip of his nose and judged that miniroth had run around without any real clothes on long enough. Dusting the snow off of a nearby railing he packed himself a loose ball. The kids - and Tifa who had a nasty slush ball - had been teaching him about snowballs, which he'd built as a kid but never used practically and he could pack a pretty decent one these days. When it was built for maximum explosion on impact, he lobed it, aim unerring.

He wasn't mean enough to try to actually hit the kid. Instead he aimed so that it would drop just on the outside of the wall Sephiroth was working so single mindedly on. Then he waited to be noticed.]
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[He glanced up at once as the snowball hit the wall. He blinked at the unexpected impact, and it didn't take him long to locate the origin of the projectile. He focused his gaze on Cloud, peering over the wall of his fort. He hadn't realized that he'd been followed. Cloud was very skilled.

He wasn't sure exactly why Cloud had thrown snow at him. Sephiroth knew enough about Cloud to be sure that he was unlikely to miss, especially at such close range, with a non-moving target, so he must have missed on purpose. Why would he have done that? Sephiroth's never played in the snow before. He's interacted with other children, but he hasn't been in a snowball fight (and he'd have an unfair advantage in one, considering his speed and strength).

He wondered if he was going to be reprimanded for leaving without permission. Sometimes he was tempted to sneak away and see what lay beyond the city or explore the ruins of Midgar, but today he hadn't had have any such grand scheme in mind. Keeping his gaze on Cloud, he slowly and methodically continued building his fort. He knew he'd done something he wasn't supposed to do, and it likely showed in his manner, which was slightly stiff and a little guilty, but he wanted to continue making his fort anyway, even though he was cold and dusted with snow.]

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[attention gotten, Cloud ambled over to where the snow fort was being built. He picked up on the fact that Sephiroth knew both that he'd been caught and that he should feel guilt over it. He also noticed the stubborn streak that had the boy still working on the fort instead of apologizing or assuming he wouldn't be allowed to continue. Stopping at the edge of it and looking down, Cloud's voice was expressionless as he simply stated:]

You're not supposed to go out on your own without an adult.